After a grandma posted something racist on Facebook, her grandchild set her straight

After a grandma posted something racist on Facebook, her grandchild set her straight

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress.

Some have said it's a historic move that sees America shift in a tolerant direction, despite its president and his intolerance towards whole swaths of people - including Mexicans, refugees and Muslims.

Despite this, not all Americans were happy about it, and one grandma was gently but firmly corrected after a racist Facebook rant went viral.

The unnamed grandma, Bored Panda reports, posted a rather salty message about the Muslim women, which read:

We now have 2 Muslims voted into congress. They can't put their hand on our Bible & swear to uphold the constitution due to their faith. We are being destroyed within our own country. The Trojan horse has made it into our government.

The Facebook post shares the incorrect and quite frankly dangerous sentiment which suggests that to be Muslim is to work against America's interests.

This is where her grandchild comes in. Taking to the comments section, they respond to their grandma's rant calmly, and with facts.

The teen points out that, according to the First Amendment of the Constitution, you are not required to swear on the Bible to 'serve the people', and adds that, given that almost 20 per cent of the country is not white, they should be represented at all levels of government.

Grandma responded by conflating illegal immigrants with Muslims (something she probably learned from Donald Trump) and says Americans shouldn't let them into the country because they could "hurt your babies by great grand children".

It is at this point the unnamed teen firmly shuts their grandma down:

A lot of immigrants come here for better lives and crime is caused more by people born in country rather than out because they believe they can be more above the law than immigrants. Not to mention that police are more likely to lock up African Americans and Latino people. 

We were all immigrants here if we weren't straight up Native Americans. I'm more concerned about the white guy saying 'Death to all Jews' than the Muslim women being sworn into congress. 

The grandma tried to come back with suicide bombers who 'literally kill innocent men, women and children,' which prompted the grandchild to point out that Americans are more likely to die at the hands of a white man with a gun...

I know suicide bombers happen but something that happens and unfaborately [sic] amount of times (just this year, mind you) is White, American male shooters in schools, malls, churches and anywhere where those same innocent people can die.

They finished with a simple statement: 'The immigrants and other faith people at my school have been kind and I would band together with them in a heartbeat in a crisis.'

H/T Bored Panda

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