Viewers gag after woman turns pickup truck into giant open-air noodle bowl

Cat is completely unfazed by ramen noodles on his head!

A viral clip, showing a woman making ramen noodles in the back of her pickup truck, has turned people's stomachs.

In the reposted footage on Twitter, that's racked up 6.4 million views, the woman is seen covering the back of her truck with a sheet before filling it with water and tons of raw, uncooked noodles.

Vegetables, seasoning, butter, parsley flakes and minced onion are then added to the concoction.

What was to follow left viewers feeling revolted...

The woman slips her legs into plastic bags and jumps into the mixture to stir the life-sized meal.

You can watch it here for yourself:

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She then sets off to find someone to feed the noodles to, before offering them to a "homeless man". The person appears to look puzzled before scooping a bowl of noodles out.

The woman and her partner then offer the person some money, to which one person hit back: "Imagine going to such lengths to make everyone think you're a good person."

Thousands of Twitter users headed to the comments, with many picking up on her unhygienic methods.

One said: "She stood on the ground wearing trash bags on her feet and then walked right into the food. Wow."

Meanwhile, another slammed the video for "playing with lives for likes." They wrote: "If you wouldn’t eat noodles out the back of a truck, why do you think someone experiencing homelessness would? Even our unhoused deserve dignity & respect."

One person highlighted: "There are not enough people mad about how much food she just wasted."

"When I call internet people lame, this is exactly why! It doesn't matter how you present it for me to see," another added.

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