8 questions you should never, ever ask (but always wanted to)

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Are you curious, or just nosy? Are you witty, or just mocking? Are you intelligent, or just really inappropriate?

It's not always clear where to draw the line or how to navigate human interaction.

But for every burning question you never knew you had and social dilemma you hope never to experience, there is Reddit with a helpfully informative thread.

Someone posed a question entitled: "What is a really inappropriate question you've always wanted to ask?"

There are selection of the best (or worst) submissions. Almost all are (supposedly) male questions directed at females. Surprise, surprise.

Don't tell us you haven't wondered about any of these...

If you are breastfeeding and have or had nipple rings, does milk come out the ring holes?

- jmremote

Do escorts not work during that time of the month, or do they have fetishists or something for then.

- 2540

How do large breasts feel in water? Can you notice them floating?

- JerryTheG00

Women who've done it, how pleasurable is anal sex for you in comparison to vaginal sex? Have you ever had an orgasm from it?

I mean, we have prostates and that's the main source of pleasure in anal sex for us. So, yeah, curious.

- phylosacc

Girls, what does it feel like to be on your period and how long does it last?

- AfroThunderZero

Girls, is there a female equivalent to wet dreams? As in, do you ever cum in your sleep? (And why would that happen if it does?)

Sorry, I've just always been really curious about this for some reason.

- fortifier22

Don't know if it's exactly inappropriate, but always wanted to know if women in full body veil are secretly dying from over heating?

I honestly can't even wear a black T-shirt here (Italy) in summer and just seeing someone in all black amazes me.

- Yamirou

Women of Reddit: do you pee all over your genitals and butt?

I am the father of a daughter whom I love more than my own life. She is still toilet training, and pees at crazy angles at any given time. When I help her wipe, I'm going to get pee on my hand.

Is this just life for you? Is there some technique I can teach her? I'm really trying to learn to improve her life.

- Sanibel_Steve

How do women with really long nails, I'm talking 3-4cm long ones, wipe after they poop?

Yes I know that hot girls don't poop but theoretically, how would they if they did?

- Lontarus

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