Michael Flynn’s resignation following his conversations with the Russian ambassador before Donald Trump's inauguration seems to be the tip of a rather large iceberg.

President Trump is batting away allegations that his ties to the Kremlin are a threat to US national security.

A number of security agencies, including the NSA have expressed concern over Trump’s ties to Russia.

However people have been pointing out that his connection to Vladimir Putin has never been a secret.

In fact, Hillary Clinton referred to it at a debate during the presidential election.

She said:

I think that this is such an unprecedented situation we’ve never had a foreign government trying to interfere in our election. We have 17 intelligence agencies – civilian and military – who have all concluded that these espionage attacks come from the highest levels of the Kremlin. And they are designed to influence our elections. I find that deeply disturbing.

Donald Trump continues to decry the reports as 'false news', despite the evidence stacked against him.

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