#RepealThe19th: after the 'Trump Tapes', only the second most sexist Trump-related outrage this week.

Supporters of the Republican nominee have been tweeting #RepealThe19th - which refers to the US Constitutional Amendment that granted women the right to vote - after polls showed he'd win if only men voted.

FiveThirtyEight published this election update after a series of national polls on the US Presidential race showed Hillary Clinton in the lead, by between five and 11 percentage points.

The article featured two maps, one showing what the results would look like if just women voted...

Picture: FiveThirtyEightPicture: FiveThirtyEight

Electoral Votes

Hillary Clinton: 458

Donald Trump: 80

...And one showing the results if only men voted.

Picture: FiveThirtyEightPicture: FiveThirtyEight

Electoral Votes

Donald Trump: 350

Hillary Clinton: 188

They then tweeted a composite of both maps side by side:

After the 'dude map' went viral, the hashtag #RepealThe19th began to trend. The tweets are pretty shocking - as misogynistic and sexist as some of Trump's worst remarks.

And what's more shocking, (although you can never tell for sure with Twitter), it looks like some of these are actually women.

That's 'Haunted Holly', whose Twitter bio reads:

As featured in the LA Times, USA Today, CBS News, and the Daily Dot ♥ America First ♥ Stop #WhiteGenocide ♥ #FeminismIsCancer ♥

There have been suggestions that some of these tweets are generated by bots, and can't be attributed to real people.

But nevertheless, there are enough seemingly genuine posts to generate an outrage.

As these Twitter users put it:

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