This rescued owl was too thicc to fly and it’s so incredibly relatable

Who among us has not treated themselves to a curry on a Wednesday night and woken up the next day feeling as heavy as 1kg bag of rice?

OK, that may be a very specific scenario experienced solely by me yesterday, but the point stands!

When you eat good, you get full. It’s science, luv. And it’s one of life’s great joys!

That’s why the story of a little owl (that’s really the name of the species, original), discovered in Suffolk, is proving to be hugely relatable.

Brought to bird sanctuary Suffolk Owls by a landowner who rescued the bird (described as “soggy") from a ditch, she was initially thought to be injured.

In fact, the owl was actually “simply extremely obese,” and unable to fly “effectively” as a result.

When sanctuary staff weighed the owl, they found out that she'd been getting thicc for winter, and was a third heavier than they would expect for a large female owl her size.

Nicknamed Plump (I LOVE HER), the bird’s weight is actually a sign of her success as a hunter; staff believe she’d managed to do a full Pokemon and catch literally every piece of prey going.

"Where she was found is very productive land, and it's been a mild winter and there's a lot of food around - voles, mice,” Rufus Samkin, head falconer of Suffolk Owls, told BBC News.

"We think she's just done incredibly well for herself and overindulged.”

Plump’s food intake was monitored and after losing between 20g to 30g, she was released back into the wild.

Of course, it’s important to remember that Plump is an owl and therefore, being able to fly is vital for survival.

Humans, however, don’t fly, so there’s no need for anyone to make unnecessary assumptions about health in relation to someone’s weight. OK?

Let everyone enjoy this thicc little owl in peace.

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