Rory Stewart sent shockwaves through Westminster this week when he announced that he was standing down as an MP to run for London mayor.

Stewart, who shot to fame when he unsuccessfully ran for Tory leader earlier this year, became known for his unorthodox campaigning techniques.

His #RoryWalks videos became legendary, as did his trips to the pub with total strangers to debate politics.

He will run for mayor as an independent candidate against Tory pick Shaun Bailey and incumbent Labour candidate Sadiq Khan.

After the unexpected news, Stewart was interviewed by Channel 4’s Cathy Newman. During the interview, Newman asked Stewart what his favourite pub in London was.

His answer has, shall we say, raised a few eyebrows. He said:

God I’m not much of a boozer, that’s a terrible question.

When Newman pointed out you don’t have to drink alcohol in a pub, he said:

I’m afraid to say I’m the kind of guy who spends his time going to Pret a Manger.

Capturing the mood of the city, Newman concluded:

Oh dear, you may lose some votes there.

On Twitter, people found Stewart’s fondness for sandwich chain Pret a Manger hilarious.

Though others stuck up for the mayoral candidate, saying there are more important things.

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