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We all know that politics has become a bit of a farce of late, so this overdub of one of Tory MP Rory Stewart's 'walks' is just what we need.

Created by the hilarious people at 'satirical image-bombers' Mockeree, this video shows footage from one of Stewart's #RoryWalksOn clips, overdubbed with a Fast Show sketch featuring Paul Whitehouse.

What's not to like?

In the audio, Whitehouse (Stewart?) can be heard saying:

Ah wars, fantastic!

What happens is your country invades another country and kills half of them. 

The other half, whoever's left, you get to order about. 

You can tell them to do whatever you want. You know, you can say 'Make us a cup of tea, now', and they'd have to do it. 


Then he adds:

Thinking about it, you know, really thinking about it hard, we beat Germany in the war, and they don't do ought that we want! 

In fact, we used to do what they want! 

Me dad thinks we shouldn't have fought the Germans at all and that 'That Adolf Hitler, now he had some good ideas!'

Wrapping up, he says:

Aren't helicopters brilliant, they allow you to hover for the first time in human history. 


It goes without saying that people online loved the clip.

There are only two candidates left in the Tory leadership race, with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt going head-to-head.

The final results are expected on July 22, with Johnson the bookies' favourite for the top job.

Oh, the joy!

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