Rowan Atkinson's brother just called this pro-EU German woman a 'Nazi'

Sophia Ankel
Saturday 16 March 2019 14:15

Update (2/8/19): Rodney Atkinson contacted indy100 after this article was published to say that he was calling the European Union a corporatist fascist organisation. He says he did not manhandle anyone and intervened only to protect his wife.

While Brexit chaos ensues in the government, tensions outside parliament are running equally as high.

From Anna Soubry being taunted by pro-Brexiteers calling her a "Nazi" to Leave voters getting aggressive with pro-EU activists in Sunderland, it is clear that all the Brexit drama is reaching boiling point and bringing out the worst in people.

The latest incident of such hateful rhetoric involves Rodney Atkinson, brother of Rowan Atkinson (AKA Mr Bean), calling a pro-EU protester a "Nazi".

In the frightening footage, posted to Twitter, a pro-EU protester wearing an EU flag is seen confronting both Atkinson and a woman, asking them in German: "Did you just call me a Nazi?"

To which, in fluent German, Atkinson responds: "That's what you are," shortly after he pushes her. Both the woman and Atkinson continue shouting at the protester, saying:

Yes you are. You're a fascist. Even the German media are talking about it, about how Nazi the EU is.

Atkinson lost the UKIP leadership election in 2000 and has since written books about fascism and EU conspiracies.

People were quick to reply to the tweet, apologising for his behaviour and voicing their support.

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