RuPaul's DragCon attendees are absolutely livid at having to queue in the cold for hours only to be told they might not get in at all

All the world's technology and yet it seems literally no one knows how to organise a convention. Not even RuPaul.

His event DragCon launched in London today, offering fans an opportunity to meet their favourite Drag Race queens IRL. Obviously, people were obsessed.

But the love didn't last long. Since this afternoon, attendees have been flooding social media with angry pictures and videos of the chaotic event, comparing it to the disastrous Fyre festival and TanaCon, YouTuber Tana Mongeau's catastrophic attempt at rivalling VidCon.

People are reporting a mob of thousands standing in the cold attempting to queue for hours to get into the venue Olympia, in Hammersmith before being turned away.

And that those unable to get in are allegedly being told to attend tomorrow's event instead.

While RuPaul himself appears to be ignoring everyone's growing concerns.

Inside, the venue looks to be so crowded that it's impossible for attendees to move around freely and experience the event they were promised.

Even those who shelled out for VIP tickets (£250!!) are apparently got getting much for what they paid for.

Understandably, people are not happy.

There are still two more days left of the event so it's too soon to say whether we're facing waking up tomorrow to a #RuPaulIsCancelledParty but it's not looking good.

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