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The internet is a great place.

You might remember actress Sally Field’s less-than-subtle attempt to set her son, Sam Greisman, up with Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon.

She’d tweeted the bronze medallist back in February, after calling him “insanely pretty” in a text message between her and her son.

Well, it happened. They actually met.


Greisman captioned the photo "thanks mum".

Speaking to abc’s The View, Rippon told Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the ladies that he and the Olympic team will be touring the country, and he invited Sam to see him perform.

I did reach out to Sam and Sally and I’m getting them tickets so that they can watch the show. Hopefully we’ll get to meet.

People can’t stop squealing at their computer screen

Everyone wants to know: is it a thing?

Sally: you have won the internet.

Best. Mum. Ever.

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