School apologises after black student gets turned into a racist meme

School apologises after black student gets turned into a racist meme

A school in Chandler, Oklahoma, has issued an official apology for a racist meme created by a student.

The meme was created around a photograph of a black student taken (ironically) while he acted out a skit as part of an anti-bullying group, Positive Peers.

In the scene, he wears a prison uniform; it was at this point that somebody in the audience snapped his photograph and posted it to Snapchat alongside a Confederate Flag and the caption:

'N****r for auction in Chandler Oklahoma, starting bid $50.'

Facebook user Ashley Warner saw the snap soon after and shared it in a lengthy, emotional Facebook post explaining that the victim was her 'brother'.

The post, in which she claimed that bullying is particularly prevalent in Chandler, racked up hundreds of shares and drew attention to the incident. Speaking passionately, she wrote:

I'm so sick of this racism shit and disgusted that it's 2018 and we still let our children call other children 'n****rs'.

Absolutely unacceptable.

The student responsible for posting the image in question was then suspended; the school also issued a lengthy apology, stating:

Our deepest apologies are extended to the student who was the victim of this shameful behaviour by another student.

We will do our utmost to support this student and the student's family in standing against actions and speech that hurts and belittles other individuals.

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