Science says fat dads are more attractive

Science says fat dads are more attractive
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A new book has set out to make a scientific defence of the dad bod, claiming that a pudgy father is better than a skinny one for several reasons.

How Men Age suggests that a slow physical decline after becoming a parent (because seriously who has energy for the gym after a five hour tantrum about bathtime), makes men healthier, more attractive, and likely to live longer.

Author Richard Bribiescas, professor of anthropology at Yale, suggests that slight weight gain strengthens the immune system.

Another bonus for everyone is that the drop in testosterone levels caused by a dad bod means that the father is less likely to pursue other women, and spend that extra time on being more attentive, energetic parents.

A Latvian study also found that women found men who carried a bit of extra weight more attractive, compared to those who went to the gym regularly and sported a six pack.

A journalist at The Spectator did point out a possible issue with this research, however...

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