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Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker decided to wear jeans on Denim Day, a day created by activists to show solidarity with survivors of sexual assault – but it didn’t go down well.

As thousands of people across the world donned jeans and posted inspiring and supportive messages to victims of sexual assault and awareness about sexual violence, Walker joined in.

Taking to Twitter, he posted a picture of himself wearing a pair of jeans with the following caption:

In support of sexual assault victims, I’m wearing jeans on #DenimDay #DenimDay2019

His tweet was swiftly criticised.

And pointed out that wearing a pair of jeans to show solidarity doesn't translate in real life...

Others pointed to his past legislative decisions... and they haven't exactly been pro-women.

People are making fun of his gesture, which they deemed to be lazy.

And others have suggested making a legislative rather than a symbolic gesture of solidarity with women.

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