Introducing the Google search you never knew you needed

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 07 January 2017 12:00

Mystery Search is like any ordinary Google search, but it's got a twist.

You don't actually get the results of what you typed into the search bar.

Instead, you see what the person just before you searched for.

It's like Google search Russian roulette!

Completely useless, but also completely addictive.

This is what happened when indy100 tried it out.

1. We searched “Donald Trump” and got “funny hats”:

2. We searched “Theresa May” and got “Where to get free cheese pizza”:

3. We searched “Nigel Farage” and got “How to shoot a gun”:

4. We searched “Boris Johnson” and got “Tree people”:

5. We searched "The European Union" and got "Kung Fu":

Of course, there's no sense in reading into any of these, because they're completely random.

But one can't help wonder if these search results really do have some logic behind them.

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