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Ok, so we get it, it's annoying if you go on a date and then you get 'ghosted', which means that you never hear from the person again.

However, this guy managed to hold a grudge for an exceedingly long time. Over six months, to be precise.

Taking to Twitter, social media editor Amy Bottrill shared screenshots of the conversation she'd had with the angry man:

I regret to inform you that I have just been roasted to within an inch of my life by this man who bought me one meal in October 2018 and has apparently been seething ever since​

She then added:

“dressed like you was attending a funeral of someone you didn’t like” is a devastatingly accurate description of my personal style; I wore a low cut black dress that had functioning poppers all the way down and 4 inch heels​

Right, dude, so you're really going there?

It goes without saying that people on social media had a lot of thoughts about the whole conversation.

Some commented on Amy's fabulous outfit choice.

Others went for the cold, hard, stan.

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