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The KFC chicken shortage was the worst crisis for a generation, but thankfully it is all over now.

Chicken has returned to hundreds of stores around the UK and people have almost forgiven the fast-food chain after they issued a brilliant apology.

However, the crisis was too much to take for some folks and they are resorting to drastic tactics (and no it doesn't involve visiting Burger King.)

A user on eBay, perhaps hoping to cash in on the shortage, is claiming to be selling a crispy chicken recipe that bears a striking taste resemblance to that sold by the Colonel and his cohorts.

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The seller, who goes by the name of fruishion, appears to specialise in the sale of spices and herbs, so it stands a chance they actually know what they are talking about.

A description of the item reads as:

Three delicious mouth-watering chicken breadings that are full of flavour and easy to use to re-create your favourite high street fried chicken take away at home, not only just great for chicken thighs, legs and wings, try with chopped or sliced chicken breast for crispy coated nuggets and goujons, or cooked potatoes and mushrooms for dipping into your favourite sauce.

Don't forget the instructions either, which tell you how to get the best out of the breading.

Simply dip the chicken portion into milk or water, shake off any excess, then toss the chicken into the breading, evenly coating all sides, leave to rest  for a short time before deep frying until fully cooked and golden brown.       

Double dipping: for a thicker crispy coating re-peat the process above. 

This is likely to cause some controversy as the world-renowned KFC recipe is widely regarded as a closely guarded secret that only a few people back in Kentucky know of.

Regardless, it hasn't stopped people taking a chance and at the time of writing this item has been sold 49 times on the online auction site.

The flavouring comes in either the southern fried, hot and spicy or piri piri varieties and comes in weights ranging from 250 grams to 750 grams.

Better yet, it will only cost you as little as £3.29 so even if you are a bit sceptical it's hardly going to break the bank.

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