Dudley man Luke Ashman celebrates his lottery win (National Lottery/PA)
Dudley man Luke Ashman celebrates his lottery win (National Lottery/PA)

A security guard from Dudley has struck lucky after going on a first date and winning £250,000 on a scratch card on the same day.

22-year-old Luke Ashman found out he’d won big on the lottery on 22 April, the same day that he finally met the girl he’d been speaking to virtually since December in real life for their first proper date.

The pair had been getting to know each other online for months and wanted to wait for lockdown restrictions to ease before meeting in person.

Ashman said: “We’ve been speaking and seeing each other since the beginning of the year but obviously haven’t been able to go out on a proper date.”

That evening he was able to celebrate his lottery win with his date over dinner.

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He continued: “That night we went out for a meal, I ordered a bottle of Prosecco and we celebrated an amazing day of both a lottery win and a first date.

“You could say I won twice in one day.”

Ashman works as a loss prevention officer for TK Maxx and is also studying for a degree in criminology at the University of Worcester.

As a student, the lottery winnings will come in handy as he said he plans to buy a car, while the rest will go towards helping him set up his own property development business.

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