This man tried to take a selfie with an orangutan and it didn't go well

Screenshot / YouTube

A few young guys, a boat, an innocent selfie and a large wild animal.... What could possibly go wrong?

This group of tourists were travelling down the Sekonyer River in the Borneo jungle, on their way to a camp, when a loveable-looking orangutan jumped into their boat.

Watch what happens next...

The title of the video, "B!#&H SLAPPED BY AN ORANGUTAN!!!, rather says it all.

While the orangutan was friendly at first, accepting snacks from the boys at very close quarters, one young man decided to risk his luck by posing for a selfie with the large mammal.

To be fair, they must get that a lot.

A cautionary tale for the selfie age: Nature remains as unforgiving and unpredictable as a poorly chosen Instagram filter.


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