The notorious "sex holiday" has been forced to move to a secret island

A controversial "sex island" holiday, which has gone viral, has been forced to relocate after politicians raised major concerns.

According to The Sun the four-day trip promised guests various hedonistic luxuries such as unlimited sex, sleeping with 16 prostitutes at once and freely available narcotics.

The mysterious event organised by The Good Girls Sex Resort has attracted attention from all over the globe but officials in Colombia, where it was due to take place, were deeply unhappy with its presence.

There have even been reports that guests could face immediate deportation from the South American nation for showing up to the event.

Perhaps sensing the backlash against the event, the organisers have decided it will no longer take place in Cartagena, Colombia and have moved to a private island in the Caribbean.

A spokesperson for the company told The Sun:

The event is NOT in Colombia. The location has changed, all our clients are aware of the location change.

The location for the event is in a private island off the coast of a Caribbean country. My boss is an owner of many islands.

We have all our permission and business licences to hold this event at our new location.

They state that only four tickets remain for the "holiday" which is due to take place later this month, between 24-27 November.

The company claim to have a client base which ranges from private bankers and celebrities, but they now want to branch out to more regular folk by lowering their price.

We normally charge a lot more for our private clients. Bankers in New York and other wealthy people from the Middle East pay $10,000 for this experience.

We found a way to bring the cost down for everyone and tried to give the opportunity for the middle-class. That's how we came to the price of $5,000 (£4,000).

Prior to the event being reorganised the interim mayor of the Cartagena, Sergio Londoño Zurek condemned the "sex island" on Twitter.

Meanwhile, YouTube decided to remove an advert for the trip from their platform.

HT The Sun

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