A sex researcher just handed out the only sex tip you ever need to read

A sex researcher just handed out the only sex tip you ever need to read
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Sex can be fiddly and weird: it can also be highly pleasurable.

Your experience can hinge on a number of factors, and finding confidence to engage in such intimacy can, sometimes feel like a needle-in-a-haystack moment.

Well, you’re about to get the easiest, most straight-forward sex advice ever.

Are you ready? Here’s how you can get better at sex:

Listen to your partner.

This is not a trick, it’s as simple as that.

Sex researcher and investigator at the Sexual Psychophysiology And Affective Neuroscience, Nicole Prause, tells New York Magazine:

The expertise isn’t embedded in the information. It’s embedded in the individual.

A 2012 study of 6,000 university women found that the number of sexual experiences they had, impacted on their orgasm.

Women's enjoyment of sex – and orgasm – increased from when they first had sex with their partner, to sexual encounters they had as time went on.

This implies that, even without long-term commitment, partners tend to enjoy themselves more as they learn about each other sexually.

Prause also advises that if you have any unconventional sexual practises – don’t bring them up the first time. You probably want to ease your partner into the kinky, not drive them straight into it.

So there you have it: Get to know what your partner wants, and roll with it.


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