Black teenage girl ‘punched and had her hair pulled’ by white security officers during school fight

Black teenage girl ‘punched and had her hair pulled’ by white security officers during school fight

A shocking video circulating online shows a 15-year-old girl being punched, pushed down onto a table and having her hair pulled by white security officers in Pennsylvania, America.

The footage shows police officers attempt to subdue two female students at Hazleton Area High School, and one of the enforcers appears to hit the student’s knee and force her head down on the cafeteria table.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by a student, with a caption that read: “This is wrong on so many levels this man violated her patrón talk so much shit when it comes to keeping the school 'safe' wonder how he gonna fix this smh what a school.”

The clip also shows the officer grabbing the teenage girl’s hair and pulling it hard.

It is unclear how the altercation between the two female students began, but the officers’ brutality prompted a swarm of students to surround them and shout at them to stop.

The footage shocked people on social media, with people calling it child abuse.

Podcast host Qasim Rashid wrote:

TW Child abuse. Four grown white men punch & slam a black girl onto a table & pull at her hair in a violent arrest

This reportedly took place at Hazleton Area High School in Pennsylvania

Cops can arrest a white mass murderer calmly but slam black kids

Four students have been expelled as a result of the incident, according to WYOU television station, and the district’s superintendent Brian Uplinger told Newswatch 16 that the security officers had de-escalated three separate fights.

It’s important to know there are always two sides to every story.

It’s really important for parents and students and community members to get both sides of those stories before going to social media.

He added that the officers were acting withnin the capacity of their training, and told BuzzFeed News "were within the scope of their training to detain these individuals".

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