Skydiving couple land themselves in hospital after trying to have sex mid-air

A low angle view of a skydiver in the sky. Their red parachute is deployed and they are preparing to land.
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A thrill-seeking couple who decided to try and have sex while skydiving have shared how the dangerous act left them needing to visit the emergency room.

Speaking to the TLC programme Sex Sent Me to ER, William and Leslie explained how the act came about.

Leslie said: “As far as sex goes, I’m very, very sexually active. William can just look at me and honey, I’m just bam. It’s gotta be on.

“When it comes to sex, I come up with all the ideas. I come up with a lot of different ways to try to have sex.”

“She knows better than to throw a challenge at me,” William added.

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A challenge it was, as the pair soon realised just how difficult it would be to make love whilst plummeting back down to earth. 

Leslie continued: “Since we were both wearing really baggy shorts, I just figured we could just connect without a hassle.”

However, the couple soon ran into trouble when they rushed to open their parachutes. While Leslie was able to deploy hers, William could not.

In an attempt to do so, William suffered a broken nose, and was forced to use two tampons to try and stop the bleeding.

“The very first pain is in my groin and on my left leg. So not only might I be done skydiving, I might be done pleasing my woman,” he revealed.

After a rush to receive medical attention, the couple went on to fully recover from the ordeal.

The incident was featured in an old episode of the show, but recently resurfaced online.

After LADBible reported on the incident, people were quick to react to the couple’s risky romp.

“The only time something splattered on my head and I was hoping it was bird sh*t,” joked one.

Another replied: “I was going to ask who gives a flying f**k, but I guess they do.”

Talk about taking your love to new heights...

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