Snooker final interrupted by electronic 'whoopee cushion'

The Masters, one of the most significant days in the snooker calendar, was interrupted by an electronic “whoopee cushion” in the crowd much to the delight of the punters and the irritation of the commentators.

Stuart Bingham ultimately won 10-8 but not before play was interrupted by the glorious sounds of flatulence.

The BBC commentator was far from impressed and said, between exasperated sighs:

Seems to be a problem at the minute in the auditorium… Not very funny at all, whoever thought of that idea.

A YouTube prank site has claimed responsibility for placing the “fart box” in Alexandra Palace earlier this week since these days even whoopee cushions have gone digital.

Bingham and his opponent Ali Carter looked livid as referee Brendan Moore urged the noise to cease. Eventually the hilarity came to an end and the sport was allowed to continue, much to the disappointment of most of the gathered fans.

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