The season finale of South Park said exactly who is to blame for Trump

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South Park has finished its 21st season and used the opportunity to make a not-so-subtle point in the process.

If you are familiar with the world of South Park you will know that they aren't shy about making controversial comments or tackling big issues.

Since its debut in 1997, the animation has brutally eviscerated major celebrities, politicians and social trends.

Strangely, they haven't been particularly critical of American President Donald Trump; they didn't actually include the businessman in the show until 2015.

This month, however, he has returned for the final episode of their latest season and the result couldn't be more scathing.

Warning: from this point onwards there will be spoilers from the final episode so far of South Park.

For this episode, titled Splatty Tomato, the show decided to riff on both Trump and the popular Stephen King horror movie It.

Trump, who is parodied by the teacher turned President of the United States Mr Garrison, has become a version of Pennywise the laughing clown from the horror movie.

Instead of terrorising the children of South Park from roadside drains he instead decides to hang out in the forest seeking approval ratings.

One by one, the Trump parody scares people in the town but is eventually captured.

Despite being neutralised by the townsfolk following his rampage of terror, Mr Garrison is immediately freed by a new family to the show, known only as The Whites.

Writers Matt Parker and Trey Stone are presumably implying that white people led to the rise, and contribute to the continued success, of Mr Trump.

Here is a brief preview clip of the episode.

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