Spanish prime minister condemns college student's 'repugnant' mass catcalling

Spanish prime minister condemns college student's 'repugnant' mass catcalling
Spanish students filmed shouting misogynist abuse from university residence

The Prime Minister of Spain has condemned the college men who caused outrage with their mass catcalling and has asked the country to be united in rejecting this kind of behaviour.

This message came after a video circulated online causing outrage as it showed students from men's college Colegio Mayor Elías Ahuja in Madrid being filmed shouting misogynistic insults to students at the neighbouring women's college, Colegio Mayor Santa Mónica.

"B*****s, get out of your burrows, you are all nymphomaniacs," the dozens of male students can be heard saying in Spanish from their windows.

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"I promise you that you are all going to f*** in the capea."

They added: "Wh***s, come out of your burrows like rabbits, you’re f***ing nymphomaniacs. I promise you’ll all f*** in the bullfight! Go Ahuja!"

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has joined others on social media by berating the men for catcalling and described their actions as "inexplicable, unjustifiable and repugnant."

"We need to give a united and common message of rejection of these machista behaviours which are unexplainable, unjustifiable and absolutely repugnant.

"And that we don’t give any excuse for these behaviours, they don’t reflect the majority of Spanish society.”

Colegio Mayor Elías Ahuja has since given a public apology on its Instagram page and said it has taken steps for the "immediate correction" of this behaviour from the college students.

The college has threatened the students involved with expulsion, and it's been reported by Spanish newspaper El Pais that the student who initiated the catcalling has already been expelled.

While the college has also arranged for all students to attend mandatory gender equality classes.

Elsewhere, back in August, the "only yes means yes bill" was passed by the Spanish government which ensures any sex that takes place without clear consent can now be prosecuted as rape.

Violence and coercion were needed to happen for a crime to be considered rape before this bill was passed.

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