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We can all agree that condoms are pretty good.

They make sex safer, are easy to use and are 98 per cent reliable.

However, when flavours start to be introduced into the situation, things go can either way.

Standard flavours like banana and strawberry are usually fine for oral sex but it can get a little peculiar when more unusual flavours are introduced.

Bacon and whiskey flavoured condoms have both been previously produced but Manforce, a company in India, may have just exceeded all expectations.

Their latest flavour is inspired by the spicy oil pickle, achaari, which is a traditional cuisine typically served with meals in the Asian country.

Yet the idea of spicy oil doesn't exactly scream sex or romance, so we're clueless as who would want to put this in their mouth unless you had gallons of water beside you.

Furthermore, we'd hate to see what would happen if you actually used the condom for penetrative sex.

As you can guess this story has gone viral and people are perplexed and amused.

Of course this is a very canny marketing strategy from Manforce, who will no doubt have drawn a considerable amount of attention to their business through this bizarre invention.

Food blogger Rajyasree Sen told the BBCthat she was impressed by Manforce but was a little confused about what the exact flavour would taste like.

I think Manforce has been very smart about this and it shows they know their audience.

But the million dollar question is, what pickle are they talking about? Lime? Chilli? How do they know the flavour they are using will appeal to every Indian? Have they really thought this through?

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