Somebody actually rented this studio with a toilet in its kitchen

Photo: iStock / fizkes
Photo: iStock / fizkes

It's no secret that rental costs worldwide are gradually becoming more and more crippling.

In the UK alone we're constantly bombarded with headlines bemoaning the effects of gentrification, the never-ending homelessness crisis (the government has literally stopped counting the number of deaths) and the fact that we're more or less doomed to become 'generation rental', so it can be easy to give in and bury your head in the sand.

But sometimes there's a story so laughably bad that you just can't help but click it.

Take this $525/month (around £405) studio flat for example.

It seems to be located in a relatively wealthy area of St. Louis and apparently comes with some attractive features such as hardwood flooring and a huge wardrobe, so it's not too difficult to understand the price point.

However what is hard to comprehend is the fact that there's literally a toilet and a bathtub in the middle of the kitchen – a set-up which the city reportedly rejected in 2015 but conceded to after the owner appealed.

This surprising feature was mentioned on Craigslist alongside photos; social media users quickly latched on, sharing the post to highlight just how depressing it can be to search for accommodation even if you're relatively privileged and live in a city.

The listing has now been removed because somebody, depressingly, actually agreed to pay for it. And – plot twist – they apparently love it!

Let's just hope this doesn't mean the 'kitchen toilet' doesn't become the blueprint from now on.

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