Ruth Bader Ginsburg just made an important ruling for Stephen Colbert: Hot dogs are definitely sandwiches

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the oldest Justice on the American Supreme Court and comedian Stephen Colbert can't get enough of her.

Despite being something of a feminist icon and possibly the most popular individual on the Supreme Court with young Americans, the 85-year-old is renowned for keeping in great shape.

Knowing this, The Late Show host went to visit her in Washington DC to take part in one of her famously hard workouts. But before that he sat down to talk to her.

During their discussion, they touch on the origins of her nickname (The Notorious RBG) and whether she is starring in the new movie, Ocean's 8.

However, the real juicy and hard-hitting journalism came when they debate a question that has plagued mankind for decades: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

To be honest, we've never really put much thought into the question but when you stop and think, it is quite a conundrum.

As Colbert explains the definition of a sandwich should be:

Two pieces of bread with almost any type of filling in between -- as long as it's not more bread.

Ginsburg then replies:

You said two pieces of bread. Does that include a roll that's cut open but still not completely?

Colbert then points out:

That gets immediately to the question: Does the roll need to be separated into two parts?

And yet, in the case of a sub, the bread is not split apart.

So then, a hot dog is also a sandwich?

Ginsburg then appears to offer Colbert the answer he was searching for, putting the debate to bed once and for all.

On your definition, yes, it is.

There you have it, folks. A hot dog is officially a sandwich.

Watch the entire segment below, which contains a hilarious workout routine.


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