Stephen Colbert's monologues at the start of The Late Show have become must-watch television in the recent weeks.

Last week he condemned Donald Trump following his bare minimum response to the serial bomber who sent 'explosive devices' to opponents of the president.

Thankfully, no harm came to anyone in those instances, but that wasn't the case on Saturday where a gunman opened fire inside a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, claiming the lives of 11 people.

Trump's response to the incident was mixed, to say the least.

First, he claimed that the shooting could have been prevented if the people inside the synagogue had guns.

Then, he joked at a rally in Indianapolis on the same day that he almost cancelled his appearance, not because of the shooting but because he was having a 'bad hair day'.

The 54-year-old comedian began by praising the Muslim group who have raised more than $140,000 via a crowdfunding campaign for victims, and the 2,500 people who turned out for a memorial service on Sunday at the University of Pittsburgh.

Furthermore, he defiantly states that "hate is not what America stands for" before laying into the president, specifically highlighting a lie he told about the New York Stock Exchange opening on the day after 9/11.

Colbert's analysis of this drew a round of applause from the audience.

Trump's instinct when addressing a tragedy was to lie about another tragedy.

I think lying about anything associated with 9/11 is a disqualifier for the presidency, or really, having any job.

Colbert then goes on to a lighter note to mock Trump's unusual handling of an umbrella and his tweets attacking 'The Fake News Media'.

You can watch the full opening segment in the video below.

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