Trump jokes that he almost cancelled speech after Pittsburgh shooting because he had a 'bad hair day'

The world is still reeling from the news of the deadly shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

The aftershocks of the shooting, in which a gunman killed 11 people after shouting that Jews "need to die", have been felt across the world.

Unfortunately, with a figure as divisive as president Trump, many Americans are in the position of having a leader who they simply don't trust to act appropriately in important moments such as this.

To many, Trump proved this once again as he made a speech to the annual Future Farmers of America convention in Indianapolis. There had been whispers that his speech would be cancelled in the wake of the attack, but the president decided to go ahead anyway.

Bizarrely, the president thought it appropriate to joke that he almost cancelled his speech, not because of the shooting, but because he was having a "bad hair day".

Referring to the attack, Trump stated that his hair had been ruined while doing an "unfortunate" news conference outside Air Force One, the presidential aircraft.

Though later in the speech, the president did invite Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow to lead a prayer to the victims.

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