If you thought you'd done the old "1, 2 Step" around Storm Ciara, you might not escape the next one so easily.

Ciara, who caused chaos for people around the UK over the weekend, hit Scotland the hardest and brought flooding, travel disruption and power cuts. Strong winds are still being felt around the UK.

But now there might be another storm rolling into town.

The Met's Office's John Griffiths told The Evening Standard:

It’s looking like a centre of low pressure will be moving in over northern Europe over the weekend... This will bring winds and rain to the UK, especially in northern Scotland. We are confident it will be wet and windy, but not as nasty as Storm Ciara.

Forecasters have not yet officially named the upcoming storm, but procedure means it'll take on the name Storm Dennis.

Storm names alternate between male and female and run from A-Z (not including Q, U, X, Y, Z) in the alphabet. They run through a catalogue of pre-assigned names.

Recently, we've seen Storms Atiyah, Brendan and Ciara devastate across the UK.

True to style, the memes started rolling in on Twitter, as the storm name started trending:

Stay safe, everyone!

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