Gary Yates counts to 100 in participation with the #CaptainTom100 challenge
Gary Yates counts to 100 in participation with the #CaptainTom100 challenge

After suffering a major stroke, a Leicester man has gone viral after counting to 100 for the first time as part of the Captain Tom 100 campaign.

Gary Yates underwent weeks of practice and many failed attempts, before he successfully accomplished the milestone with help from his wife Pauline.

Yates - who now lives in Switzerland - initially lost his ability to speak after suffering an ischemic stroke two and a half years ago.

“Gary has completed his Challenge, to count 1 to 100 after losing his speech to a severe stroke, he has risen to the challenge. Another true Hero who never gives in,” Pauline wrote on her Twitter, accompanied by the clip.

The campaign asks individuals to overcome a challenge centering around the number 100, which marks what would have been famous fundraiser Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 101st birthday. Moore was a British Army officer who raised more than $45 million for Covid relief.

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It didn’t take long for individuals to comment on Yates’ clip, offering an abundance of support and encouragement.

“Aw, this made me cry. Amazing stuff. Well done, Gary!” wrote on user.

“Good on you Gary, way to go! A wonderful cause close to my families heart. Wishing you all the best on the continued road to recovery,” wrote another.

In addition to counting to 100, Pauline also posted a video of Gary practicing to order his favorite coffee from Starbucks - which he absolutely nailed.

“Gary is ready for Starbucks. This took us approx 2 months to get it locked in, but a little more control of his own life makes him very happy. And of course the girls in Starbucks love his daily efforts, so patient with him,” Pauline wrote.

The challenge has also garnered attention from celebrities, such as Judi Dench and David Beckham, who did 100 keepy-uppies to kick off the challenge last Friday.

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