Student says it’s wrong for Labour to scrap tuition fees, but reveals he was 'fortunate' not to pay for private school education

The Times / Reading Blue Coat School / Twitter

With the general election underway, the conversation has turned to education after the Labour Party revealed its tuition fee plans.

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner said that the party would be offering six years of free education to adults, allowing people to study later on in life to retrain for another career.

The plans haven’t gone down well in some quarters, with some people expressing their opposition to free tuition. Student Isaac Doel is one of them. Writing in The Times, he stated his opposition to scrapping tuition fees:

If Labour wants to get more working-class people into university, it should concentrate on educating young people about the realities of student loans and repayments.

Left-wing media outlet Evolve replied to the tweet, alleging that Doel’s parents had “paid for him to attend a private school where fees are £16,695 a year.”

Doel fired back, making an important clarification that his mum is a nurse and he was fortunate to receive a full scholarship to the Reading Blue Coat school.

So, in other words, as Evolve quickly pointed out, he was fortunate not to have to pay fees…

Doel then clarified that the systems are different…

But lots of people were still flabbergasted by the admission that he was lucky not to pay substantial fees, while saying he’s not in favour of others receiving similar benefits for education later on in life.

Regardless of what ends up happening with tuition fees, it's good that the election is prompting debate among young people.

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