Labour candidate's 9-year-old daughter goes viral thanks to brilliant manifesto

Darren Richman
Monday 11 November 2019 15:30

A Labour candidate’s daughter has gone viral thanks to a manifesto shared online.

Whether the 9-year old had help with the content is impossible to say but the document, entitled, “My manifesto for when I become Prime Minister” has been widely shared on Twitter.

The five point manifesto, shared by shadow Labour Co-Operative MP Jonathan Reynolds, opens with a bang:

Ensure all women’s clothes have medium size pockets. It’s awful having to carry around handbags all the time!

The manifesto proceeds with key points about not turning back the clocks so as to ensure it’s not dark by 5pm, giving more money to schools, stopping advertising in newspapers and then one last point:

We should send a woman to the moon. Let’s smash that ceiling, ladies!

It’s undeniable that the phrase, “smash that ceiling, ladies” doesn’t quite sound like a child’s words but the fact that the politics displayed here are those of kindness and compassion means it’s an easier swill to swallow even if the child was helped.

Plenty were thrilled with the manifesto.

Naturally, there were some naysayers suggesting the manifesto was fake, which is possibly fair.

We'll never know the truth but surely compassion is the answer and we would do well to assume the best.

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