Social media has given us an intimate view into the lives of the world’s most famous and successful people. We can see what they’re eating for breakfast, what exercise they do and even when they wake up.

The wake up times of successful people is always a controversial topic. There’s no shortage of successful people, from former first lady Michelle Obama to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who swear by being at work before the sun rises. Just check out this list. Actor Mark Wahlberg was recently mocked for sharing his daily routine, which featured a 2.30am start.

Media outlet Inc recently tweeted an article which stated that the world’s most successful people start work before 4am. Given there are numerous barometers for success and this lifestyle is not achievable for most people, the internet erupted with hilarious responses.

Some questioned the outlet’s criteria of success.

Others joked about their 4am plans.

Others asked the important questions.

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