Only 28 per cent of Sun readers voted the way the paper wanted

An exit poll by YouGov has found that the Sun's readership were least likely to vote for the party that the paper backed, and the least likely to even turn up to the ballot box.

The poll of 52,615 British adults by YouGov found that the Sun readership were least likely to vote in the 2017 general election:

As has been pointed out...

...Sun voters barely followed the editorial recommendation of the paper to vote Conservative.

Of The Sun's readers who voted, there were 16 per cent less for Ukip than in 2015, 12 per cent more for the Conservatives, and 6 per cent more for Labour.

The Express saw the greatest increase for the Conservatives among their readership, while the Independent saw the largest increase for Labour among its readership.

The Times saw the least change in the voting preferences of its readership (15 per cent across all parties), while the Express saw the most, partly due to a large swing from Ukip to Conservative (59 per cent).

The Express was followed by the Daily Star (398 per cent), the Independent (38 per cent), and the Daily Mail (36 per cent).

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