Brett Kavanaugh: Susan Collins branded a 'hypocrite' after an old tweet about sexual assault resurfaces

Brett Kavanaugh: Susan Collins branded a 'hypocrite' after an old tweet about sexual assault resurfaces

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, following a long investigation into sexual assault claims against him, was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice on Saturday.

Kavanaugh's appointment was met with outrage from women who protested outside the Supreme Court as he was sworn in.

His appointment was made possible thanks to a handful of swing votes from senators who were on the fence until the 11th hour.

Those included Joe Manchin, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski, yet the most notable proved to be Republican Susan Collins.

There had been hopes that the representative from Maine would have chosen to take a stance in favour of women.

That proved to not be the case and not long after she announced her voting intentions she found herself being ridiculed on the internet.

Her Wikipedia page was changed to brand her as a 'traitor to women' while a crowdfunding campaign for her opponent in 2020 quickly raised over $3m.

Now people have begun to dig through her old tweets and a post from November 2017 is starting to gain a lot of attention again.

The tweet is about former Senator Al Fraken who also faced sexual assault allegations, which led to his resignation last Thursday.

In the tweet, Collins states that "sexual harassment and assault have no place in any workplace" and brands the reports against Franken as "disturbing."

Following recent events, people are using this tweet to highlight Collins hypocrisy and double standards.

Collins has since stated in an interview with CNNthat she does believe that Christine Ford was assaulted but not by Kavanaugh:

I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant.

I do believe that she was assaulted. I don't know by whom. I'm not certain when.

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