Horrifying footage shows toddler dragged into the sky during kite festival in Taiwan

A three year old girl was tangled up in a streamer and launched into the sky during a festival in Taiwan this weekend.

During the Hsinchu International Kite Festival, the girl, named Lin, was pulled in by a bright orange streamer and whipped across the festival up in the sky.

Video footage shows other attendees screaming and yelling about trying to get her down, and she was safely brought back to solid ground 30 seconds after she was accidentally pushed into the air.

A crowd of people managed to catch her as she was brought back to earth. Winds changed again seconds later, and onlookers stepped onto the kite to stop it from being lifted again.

The festival showcased designs for kites from around the world – children gathered for the unfurling of a “candy kite”, a streamer filled with sweets.

There was a warning for strong winds issued ahead of the event, which may have contributed to the forces which wrapped the streamer around Lin and lifted her up into the air. She was almost whipped around by the streamer before it was brought under control and she was lifted out by onlookers.

The mayor of Hsinchu, Lin Chih-chien, updated the city in a Facebook post on Sunday evening, saying that the girl was admitted to the hospital for an examination after the event, and had bruises on her neck and face.

He also said that the festival was immediately suspended shortly after the incident in order to ensure people’s safety, and that the authorities are looking into enhanced security protocols.

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