Some people really go the extra mile for their chosen cause.

Like Tana Mongeau, a YouTuber turned OnlyFans content creator (you may remember her from being briefly ‘married’ to Jake Paul).

Like many Americans, Mongeau has a stake in the upcoming election – and she’s on Team Joe.

Which is why she’s encouraging her followers to vote with a pretty unique promise – any OnlyFans subscriber who sends her proof that they voted for Joe Biden will receive a free nude.

If you send me proof you voted for Biden I’ll send you a nude for free,” Mongeau posted on an Instagram upload that showed her posing in a string bikini.

The caption included the hashtag ‘#BootyForBiden’ and a link to her OnlyFans account.

Well, Mongeau’s pledge seemed to be pretty successful; she later updated the post to announce that the deluge of message she received had “broken” her account.

“I got tens of thousands of messages from people telling me that they willingly voted for Joe Biden,” Mongeau also said in an Instagram video (important to stress as bribing people to vote is a federal crime).

“It’s the best thing ever,” she added.

“You don’t need my ass to make you go vote. So go vote because you want to see a change in this country just like me”.

People seemed pretty tickled by the gesture.

Others were excited.

Mongeau is not the only influencer to encourage her followers to exercise their electoral rights.

YouTuber David Dobrik announced on Wednesday that he was giving away five Teslas to people who registered to vote.

While a recent post by reality TV star Kylie Jenner caused a massive surge in voter registration.

At least they’re doing their bit.

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