Ted Cruz snaps and calls Sky News reporter 'propagandist' after gun control question

Ted Cruz snaps and calls Sky News reporter 'propagandist' after gun control question
Sen Ted Cruz storms away from Sky News after pressed on gun ...

Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared to snap and call a Sky News reporter a "propagandist" after being asked a gun control question following the recent carnage at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

In a clip shared on Twitter by Phillip Lewis, the senior front page editor for HuffPost, Cruz spoke about the children, their families and guns.

Sky News uploaded the original clip.

"There are 19 sets of parents who are never going to get to kiss their child goodnight again," Cruz said in the video.

"Is this the moment to reform gun laws?" asked Sky News' Mark Stone.

"You know, it's easy to go to politics," Cruz said before the reporter jumped in and said, "it's important."

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"It's at the heart of the issue," Stone said.

"I get that that's where the media likes to go," Cruz responded.

The reporter explained to him that this isn't the case and that many people that they've spoken to at a vigil for the murdered children.

"The proposals from Democrats and the media, inevitably, when some violent psychopath murders people..," Cruz began to respond, which prompted Stone to note that "a violent psychopath" was able to obtain a weapon so easily.

Cruz further said that if people want to stop violent crimes, "the proposals the Democrats have" would've helped to stop this atrocity.

However, when Stone asked Cruz why something like a school shooting only happens in the US and why the "American exceptionalism" is so bad, the politician snapped.

"You know, I'm sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful… You know what, you've got your political agenda. God love you," Cruz said as he stormed away.

And while Stone and another reporter continued to ask why the problem is just an American problem, Cruz added: "Why is it that people come from all over the world to America? Because it's the freest, most prosperous, safest country on Earth. And stop being a propagandist."

In the aftermath of the massacre that occurred, Cruz also proposed that the way to end gun violence in schools is to send police in with guns.

"We know from past experience that the most effective tool for keeping kids safe is armed law enforcement on the campus," he said.

"Inevitably, when there's a murder of this kind, you see politicians try to politicise it."

Elsewhere, he blamed the horrific event on "unlocked doors."

"If we want to talk about how we could have prevented the horror that played out across the street… "The killer entered here the same way the killer entered in Santa Fe: through a back door. An unlocked back door," he said.

The Sante Fe reference is about the May 2018 high school shooting in New Mexico city in which eight students and two teachers were killed.

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