Ted Cruz tricked into retweeting account that mocked one of his most embarrassing moments
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Ted Cruz was left red-faced on Tuesday when he retweeted an account that swiftly changed its name to brutally mock the outspoken Texas senator.

Ken Klippenstein, a reporter for The Intercept, shared a tweet about Nasa asking their employees if they would be willing to volunteer to work at facilities that are housing unaccompanied migrant children.

This legitimate story, which is admirable from Nasa and comes amid reports of a dramatic increase of migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border, prompted an unusual response by Cruz.

The 50-year-old, who is a supporter of Donald Trump, simply retweeted Klippenstein adding the words ‘seems bad.’

This odd response from Cruz prompted Klippenstein to change his Twitter profile name to ‘Ted Cruz liked a porn tweet.’

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This dates back to 2017 when Cruz was caught accidentally liking a very NSFW tweet, which featured a clip from a pornographic movie.

The incident has followed Cruz around since then like a bad smell and he’ll probably never ever live it down.

Unfortunately, Cruz did notice that he was inadvertently mocking himself on his own Twitter account and eventually deleted his own tweet.

Thankfully, Klippenstein did manage to get a screengrab meaning that this might be another moment that Cruz can never truly escape from.

In fact, it looks like Cruz is now just posting screengrabs rather than retweeting people to avoid similar embarrassments.

This is a similar stunt people used to pull on Donald Trump when the former president used to occasionally retweet accounts that didn’t agree with him.

Remember folks: think before you tweet.

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