Earlier this year, 53-year-old father Mark Bladen was charged with the assault of a 14-year-old boy and ordered to pay $1,000, as well as $500 compensation, by a Brisbane court.

Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia, he later clarified that he had only intended to go and give the young boy - who, he said, had been bullying his daughter - "a good old-fashioned talking-to".

He then claimed that the boy's smile had caused him to snap.

In a new development, the assaulted teenager - unnamed for legal reasons - has since issued a letter through his lawyer detailing his own ordeal.

I have been extremely distressed by this whole saga and cry at night from the repeat nightmares I have of this man's face strangling me.

His statement was issued in lieu of a response to the 60 Minutes Australia documentary - incidentally, he allegedly cited the media attention as a partial reason for his stress. The teenager admitted that he had called Bladen's daughter by derogatory names, including King Kong, which he says was a reference to her Snapchat user name. However, he states that any insults he used were retaliatory:

This girl started throwing horrid insults on Snapchat about my mum. She said things I do not want to repeat here, as they are disgusting. She then continued to pester me with abuse.

According to reports, the letter did not address Bladen's claims that the teen had pushed and spat on his daughter, nor that he had given her insulting gifts. However, the official letter of response did indicate that the unnamed victim had been bullied himself, abuse which he claims led him to self-harm and seek counselling.

Bladen later confirmed that the bullying has since stopped.

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