These are the 10 biggest tattoo fails of all time

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Monday 17 October 2016 15:30

Tattoos are becoming more popular by the day. An estimated 20 per cent of British people already have at least one.

But each tattoo is a personal choice, and one person's regrettable drunken nightmare could be another's meaningful artwork.

That said, there are some undeniable tattoo errors which are permanently etched in the skin. From ex-partner names to unfortunate spelling errors, we've seen it all.

Look no further, Schadenfreude-lovers. We've scoured the internet for you to compile a top 10 list of the most cringe-worthy tattoo fails of all time.

10. The painfully ironic


9. The crushed hopelessness


No tattoo has spell check.

8. The facial freestyle


Out soon: Harry Potter and the dodgy tree tatt.

7. The utterly inexplicable


Why? Just...why?

6. The geometrically-challenged couple

Picture: tumblr / tattoo-fail(tumblr / tattoo-fail)

Enjoy your special, permanent bond of idiocy.

5. The instantly regrettable


Should've gone to Specsavers.

4. The unintentionally racist

Picture: (

3. The potentially libellous


Face palm. Every single time.

2. The next level fandom

He came in like a wrecking ball...until this most glorious entry.

1. The inspirational Human Centipede


One of the worst films ever made.

There are no words.

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