Man wearing makeup told he couldn’t enter club unless he ‘dressed as a male’

Bobby Rodriguez / Facebook

A 21-year-old man claims he was forced to remove his makeup after a security guard at a nightclub in Texas told him he needed to be “dressed as a male”.

Bobby Rodriguez said he showed up at the Whiskey River club in Corpus Christi wearing lipstick and fake eyelashes.

He told Caller Times that when he got to the front of the queue, the security guard took one look at his identification card, and then at him, and refused him entry.

I approached the door, I handed my ID to the security at the door [and] his words were and, I quote, ‘unfortunately, you cannot enter because you are wearing makeup and we have a rule here that says men need to dress like men’.

I literally had to walk back to my car and rip my false lashes off and wipe off my lipstick.

He shared a Facebook post about the alleged incident, writing:

This homophobic security guard at the door told me I couldn’t come into whiskey’s unless I wiped off my makeup because there is a rule which thier [sic] are no signs stating that men need to dress like men and so on for women…I’ve never been so offended in my life WOW…

Angela Blohm, who is the registered owner of Whiskey River, told the publication the allegations are “just a bunch of frivolous baloney”, and adds that the club has a “gender appropriate” dress code. There is no way to prove the conversation between Rodriguez and a security guard.

Blohm said Whiskey River has a "standard" dress code that states everyone must dress gender appropriate to the gender stated on their state-issued driver's license.

There is no indication of a dress code on the club’s website or Facebook page.

People were sympathetic to Rodriguez's plight.

One person wrote:

I literally felt like crying when I read what these ignorant a**holes did, and for all these hateful comments on here smh.

Some wondered why he went into the club, to which he told BuzzFeed News that his friends were already inside, and that he shouldn’t be limited into attending only gay bars just because he’s gay. 

A group is now planning to protest the nightclub's "discriminatory" policy, according to a Facebook post.

indy100 has contacted Whiskey River for comment. 

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