The news that 12 young footballers and their coach had been freed from a cave in Thailand eclipsed World Cup fever this week.

Offers of support for the Wild Boars team came from across the world after they were trapped on 23 June after entering the caves on a team-bonding session.

Eighteen days later, the remaining boy and their coach emerged alive after a precarious rescue mission, which saw one volunteer Navy Seal lost his life.

Manchester United has invited them to attend a game at Old Trafford and Fifa, at the World Cup Final, which they will not be able to make due to health concerns.

But Kyle Walker has put together a gift the boys won't have to travel for, sending a tweet offering to send them England shirts.

He also shared an image of one of the boys, Sompong Jaiwong, wearing an England shirt in the cave.

England goalie Jack Butland wanted to join in too.

People came together to try to make it happen.

Then the Foreign Office got involved and assured Walker that the shirts would reach the boys.

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