The 10 snowiest cities in the world

London may well come to a standstill at the merest hint of snow, but the capital's current sprinkling is nothing compared to other major cities around the world.

Here are the 10 snowiest cities according to meteorology website AccuWeather (average annual snowfall in brackets):

1. Aomori, Japan (7.92m)

2. Sapporo, Japan (4.85m)

3. Toyama, Japan (3.63m)

4. St John's, Canada (3.32m)

5. Syracuse, US (3.15m)

= Quebec City, Canada (3.15m)

7. Saguenay, Canada (3.12m)

8. Akita, Japan (2.72m)

9. Rochester, US (2.51m)

10. Buffalo, US (2.41m)

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