It turns out, you're more likely to succeed on dating apps if you're white - or if you have a white-sounding name.

Dating app The Grade looked at data from approximately 100,000 of their users, to find the ‘hottest’ names for both men and women.

They evaluated the percentages of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ swipes for every name, and also found the names that people were likely to match with.

The top 30 names, in terms of the swipe percentage, were:

As Mic pointed out, these names are all a bit uniform when compared with the list of the most common white baby names in the US.

Three of the most swiped names of women came up on both lists, as well as five variations of “Katie”. In terms of men, Brett appears on both the ‘most swiped’ list and the most common white baby names.

No names from the most popular black names intersected, nor did the most popular latino baby names.

Here's what you're greeted with if you Google image search the four most swiped names from each gender in the UK:

(HT Mic)

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