The nine issues on which students are more right-wing than the general public

Louis Dor
Wednesday 19 August 2015 16:20

Student politics has long been steeped in left-wing ideology. New research, however, shows that students are more to the right of the general public on some economic matters.

The average student cares most, unsurprisingly, about tuition fees, with 43 per cent rating it as a top issue – 37 per cent more than the average British adult.

As the final tab on the above chart shows, students are more right wing than the general public on nine issues, from House of Lords reform to the minimum wage.

Students also care 15 percentage points less than the average adult about immigration.

Seventeen per cent more students lean to the left on climate change than British adults, in that they believe it is caused by human activity, whereas only one per cent more students approve of less private sector involvement in the NHS than British adults.

There are also issues in which students are unexpectedly further to the right than the population as a whole.

For example, two per cent less students say the minimum wage is too low, 74 per cent compared to the 76 per cent of the general public.

Eleven per cent less students approve of the 50p top rate of tax than the public and 10 per cent less students approve of the nationalisation of utilities.

Who knew Corbynomics didn’t appeal to undergraduates?

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