The Daily Express has issued a correction over this front page about languages in British schools

The Daily Express has published a prominent correction to an article on languages spoken in British schools, following an order from the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso).

A complaint had been made to Ipso by Jonathan Portes, of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, regarding a front page story in July which claimed that English speaking pupils were "becoming a minority” in some schools.

Wednesday's Express front page features a paragraph detailing that the correction is featured on the second page...

...which reads as follows:

The correction explains that the story breached Clause 1 (accuracy) of the Editors' Code of Practice, by claiming that the English language "is starting to die out" in schools where English is "hardly heard at all" and where "foreign languages have overtaken English".

The statements were found to be "completely unsupported by the data the newspaper had cited", having misconstrued students' first languages as the only languages they spoke.

The Ipso correction continued:

This was a particularly concerning case because the inaccuracies had been repeated throughout the entire article, including prominently in the front-page sub-headline, and because they were central to the report, on a matter of significant importance.

The correction is also published on

Jonathan Portes noted Ipso's upholding of his complaint on Twitter:

Note: The Independent, along with its sister titles, has not signed up to Ipso. For more on that decision, see here.

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